Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meggin and Allen

It is always so interesting to me the whole six degrees of separation thing... when my now 8 year old son was 2, he was in preschool with this sweet little boy named Jonah. Who knew then that 6 years later Ric and I would be photographing Jonah as a ring bearer at his Aunt Meggin's wedding.

Meggin and Allen really just enjoyed their wedding day at the King Plow Art Center--from start to finish. It was so sweet that Allen wanted to see his bride all alone--except for us ;)--when he saw her for the first time.

The ceremony was lovely. Meggin was so clearly excited to marry Allen, that when the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, she did a little happy wiggle under the chuppah! It was adorable.

Onto the celebration, catered by Bold American, and they did such a great job that the servers were practically ambushed by guests coming out of the

kitchen. The food was just that good. After Atlanta Beat introduced the new Mr. and Mrs. they launched right into the hora. It was a great celebration.

I loved the warmth and obvious joy that permeated through the entire room last night. It was apparent that the family and friends were truly celebrating that these two lovely people found each other.

At the end, we did a "photo booth" set up where people could come by and have some fun/crazy/goofy/serious/whatever shots taken. Those were some of my favorite shots from the night.

Meggin and Allen, you are obviously best friends and we know from personal experience that this is a phenomenal way to start a marriage. Mazel tov to you both!

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