Monday, June 02, 2008

Meredith and Marc

As soon as we met Meredith and Marc, we were so excited to work with them. They were so lovely and just seemed to genuinely LIKE each other in addition to loving each other.

The wedding ceremony was at the Botanical Gardens--you've never seen such gorgeous orchids!!! Marc's aunt is Joan Rubenstein of Flowers by Joan, and so the floral was just gorgeous. Meredith and Marc saw each other for the first time surrounded by their immediate family and bridal party--and everyone was just so wrapped up in their happiness.

Some highlights for me...
- Marc's Mom had a cell phone with her at the ceremony. To be honest, at first I was shocked that she couldn't leave it behind for her son's wedding! But...of course there was a reason...Gayle was on the phone with her sister in South Africa who couldn't make it to the wedding.
- In traditional Jewish fashion, Meredith did her circles around Marc, he did circles around her, and then they sort of did a 2008 take on the tradition, and circled each other.
- Everytime Meredith circled Marc, she gently touched his hand. It was so tender and romantic.
- The ringbearer was their "child" Leo, the sweetest dog who was so well behaved and lovely with all the children who were at the wedding.
- Marc's South African accent!!! (which, amazingly, he can turn off and on in a snap!)

I could go on...but you get the idea. It was a warm, loving and emotional ceremony for two of the nicest people we've met! Mazel tov!!!

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