Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lynn and Alan

We always love shooting at the Four Seasons, what an incredible hotel. The food is incredible, the service is top notch, there are so many amazing spots for photography, and we just LOVE working with Cate and Brian at the hotel. They truly are some of the best in the city.

And, when we get to work at one of our favorite spots with a lovely couple...it is a perfect day. Lynn and Alan balance each other so incredibly well, and are so obviously in love that it makes us smile. I loved seeing his reaction when he saw Lynn for the first time in her incredible!! Anne Barge gown. The flowers at The Church of the Immaculate Conception were so lovely (J Wilbur at Eventscapes just rocks!) and the ceremony was warm and lovely. Two of Alan's daughters did a reading and sang a hymn. It added such a personal touch to the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we trekked to the Four Seasons and went right into the celebration. J Wilbur outdid himself in transforming the Savannah Room into an enchanting lovely reception room. It was a wonderful celebration.

One special highlight for me was when Alan danced with his Mom...she was singing the song to him as they danced, and was singing in Italian. Later, she told me that it was the song that she and Alan's father had danced to at their wedding years ago. I was so touched by that!

Lynn and Alan, may you always be as happy and joyous and in love as you were today...it was truly beautiful to watch!

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