Monday, February 16, 2009


From the minute we met Merrill, doing her photo shoot on the carousel at North Point Mall, we new she was going to be a fun kid to photograph. I don't think Merrill has ever heard the word "shy". She is so comfortable in her own skin, with quite the personality.

Her celebration was at the Defoors Centre, and Wilbur at Eventscapes (we adore him!) hit it out of the park!!! The theme was Circus, and the dance floor was right below a simulated big top complete with trapeze. The decor was fantastic...all hot pink and black and funky. They had cotton candy, funnel cakes and a hot pink candy table in addition to all the other food.

Merrill entered to Britney Spears' Circus song, and DJ Rhythm started the party! There were so many kids there, you could barely see the dance floor. It was a lot of fun, great music, fun people and the venue looked amazing.

On a somber note...we tell our clients that we want the photos to bring back memories and emotions 20 years from remind them how they were feeling on the day. It is not often we an immediate sense of how incredibly important our photos are. Merrill's grandfather had been sick off and on for weeks before the celebration...he was somehow able to rally and travel from FL to celebrate with his girl...and then passed away days later. We are so thrilled to have taken some special photos of this lovely man, looking vibrant and joyous so that Merrill's family can have this time with him captured forever.

We thank Merrill for letting us ride the Circus ride with her!

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