Monday, May 04, 2009

Matthew's Bar Mitzvah

We are always thrilled to work with Helene Popowski--her events are seamless, and her vision is extraordinary. And...Matthew's Bar Mitzvah was nothing short of incredible.

The Friday night Shabbat dinner at their home was so nice, and it gave us a chance to get to know the closest family members and friends. ps. To the lovely lady from NJ, did you ever figure out how you think you knew me?

Saturday night was at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead, and it was unbelievable. Matthew loves surfing and the beach, and the room was breathtaking. The turquoise and sparkle was gorgeous, the flowers were gorgeous and the lighting was perfect. Wilbur from Eventscapes hit it out of the park! As expected, Helene didn't miss a beat, all the way down to the personalized Matthew beach cookies at each place setting.

DJ Romeo kept the party rocking, the video montage from Dewitt Smith (complete with Star Wars, American Idol and Slumdog Millionaire parodies) was top notch, and the party was just a blast.

I was particularly impressed with what a nice kid Matt was! He personally came up to me and thanked me and Ric for our hard work (truly a first!) and was so sweet to his young cousins and all his guests. What a nice guy!

We really enjoyed capturing the special weekend for your family, Matt! Mazel tov!! Here are just a few room/detail shots we wanted to share:

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