Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lauren and Eric

We were so excited for Lauren and Eric's wedding at the Grand Hyatt. We were going to work with Terry Saxe again which is always fun, and Barbara Roos which meant that the decor will be brilliant. And we were right on both counts!

The room looked beyond incredible, dreamy and breathtaking with lots of candles, mirrors, and perfect lighting. Topher Mack and Event Design Group did the decor with Barbara, and his work was incredible. It is amazing what an impact good lighting has on a room.

Lauren looked absolutely beautiful! She was so happy and radiant--like a wedding cake topper. She was wearing the most beautiful earrings that Eric gave her. It was so touching when her Dad saw her for the first time---definitely one of the most tender, loving moments of the day.

The chuppah looked unreal--with a gorgeous triple angled mirror behind it. Gorgeous for decor...definitely a challenge for photography. After Ric and Paul from Dewitt Smith figured out how to shoot it without being seen in every angle of the mirror...we were ready to roll!

Lauren and Eric were married by the Rabbi who did her Bat Mitzvah, so that was meaningful to her and the family. Both had some Grandparents there with them, which is always very touching to me. It was a beautiful ceremony.

After the ceremony, the reception started with the craziest (talk about torture) sushi display I have yet to see at a wedding. It was killing me to stand within two feet of it! But, hey, I'm a sneaking of any maki. The room was absolutely dreamy and breathtaking. The decor team really outdid themselves. Everything was lovely, down to the individual menus made of chocolate, to the gorgeous (Mark Lotti!) wedding cake. The party was really a ball, the guests danced until after 1am!

It was a great celebration, a special night for both families, and we wish them all the joy and love in the world! Mazel tov!

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