Thursday, July 09, 2009

Phenomenal Evening!

Tony Conway really knows how to throw a party! Tonight I was thrilled to photograph the Atlanta preview of Julie & Julia, the new Meryl Streep/Amy Adams film.

The celebration was held at Phipps Plaza in the old Niketown space. It was a VERY cool spot for a party. The decor (duh) was incredible...crystals, red velvet drapes, candles and feathers. So cool. The menu was the Tony Conway famous Kaleidoscope Menu...where guests can choose their own custom meal from a variety of choices of meats, sauces, sides and vegetables. YUM. The food was fantastic, the desserts were lovely and was a great celebration to photograph.

I raced to read the book before tonight...and did! So, when we treked upstairs to the screening, I was extra excited, as I really enjoyed the book. The film did not disappoint. I'm no movie critic...but... Meryl Streep WAS Julia Child. She was incredible. Julia was 6'2", and to make Meryl seem that tall...she must have worn some serious platform shoes. I noticed that they never showed her feet in the film. Amy Adams was mousy and funny and likeable, and did a great job. Stanley Tucci was loveable as Julia's hubby. It was just a good, light, fun flick. And I had popcorn and Junior Mints...what could I possibly not love?

Tony and Crew...thanks for including me in a great event. To all my industry gals that I had a chance to visit with was GREAT seeing you! ps. Pictures coming later...

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