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The Bubble Test

What makes a great picture?  Great question, and like a lot of questions in this world, the answer is “it depends.”  For now, let’s talk about wedding day pictures, for which the answer is pretty simple.  Great pictures from the day of a wedding should do at least one of the following:  bring back a thought or feeling, or evoke some sort of emotional response.  For the latter, we apply what we call the “bubble test.”  If you were to draw a cartoon bubble over the subject, could you easily put words into it?

The picture of the boy under the logo at the top of the blog is a great example.  This poor guy is the ring-bearer and is doing a great job of what’s been asked of him–he diligently walked down the aisle, and now he’s quietly standing with the men of the wedding party.  His feelings about his task, however, are written all over his face!  I see a bubble that contains any number of thoughts, and for me, most evoke a smile or even a laugh.  Here’s are a few: “I wonder what Jimmy and Mike are doing right now?”  “This sucks.”  “The team needs me today.”  “I look like a dork.”  “The team’s playing right now…I hope they win.”

There really are no perfect pictures, but this precious shot is a perfect moment!

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